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Supporting Our Public Schools

As the son of two public school teachers, Tom understands the importance of investing in our public schools.  He will work to ensure that our schools are equipped with the resources they need to provide our students with a world class education.  He is a strong supporter of building a new Agawam High School.


Municipal Energy Policy

Tom introduced legislation to bring Community Choice Energy Aggregation to Agawam.  Through this process, our community will no longer be dependent on Eversource for our energy supply, and we will bring cheaper and more stable energy prices to Agawam residents and businesses.


Investing in Infrastructure

Tom supports investing in Agawam's infrastructure.  He has supported historic investments in Agawam's water and sewer systems that will improve water quality and strengthen the durability of our systems.  He continues to advocate for the expansion of Agawam's sewer system throughout Feeding Hills.

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Parks and Recreation

Tom was proud to vote in favor of the Tuckahoe Park Project and the Agawam Skate Park renovations.  He will continue to support projects that create recreational activities in town and enhance quality of life for Agawam residents.


Elections and Democracy

Tom strongly believes that we should be working to make it easier for people to vote, not harder.  He proudly voted against cutting the hours for in-person early voting in 2022, and he voted against opting out of mail-in voting in 2023.  He will continue to support efforts to make it easier for senior citizens, working families, and students to participate in our elections.



Tom understands the struggles of finding an affordable place to live. He supports expanding housing options in Agawam to ensure that our seniors, working families, and young people all have housing options that meet their needs.


Government Transparency and Accountability

Tom supports recording and televising City Council subcommittee meetings to provide citizens with more opportunities to watch their elected officials at work.  He is deeply committed to the values of transparency and accountability and will work to improve the accessibility and responsiveness of our local government.


Repealing the Ban on Retail Cannabis

Tom supports repealing Agawam's unnecessary ban on retail cannabis businesses.  Agawam is missing out on a tremendous opportunity for job creation, economic growth, and tax revenues that could be invested in things like infrastructure and education.

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